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Sandy Beach

Sirene Sea Pearls

With over 30 years of pearling experience, Serena hand selects pearls from various farms for her collection. Each pearl comes with its own unique 'birth certificate' showing its origin and unique characteristics.

Sirene Sea Pearls specialises in all things Pearl including South Sea, Akoya pearls, New Zealand Paua pearls, Mother of Pearl products and Freshwater pearls.

Discover the benefits of essential oils

Essential Oils benefit the body by engaging the brain through their various smells, as well as entering the body through its endless number of pores.

Pure Asense is all about feeling the way you want to feel, we have carefully selected each blend to induce an emotional experience to help support you on this wild ride.

Marble Surface

Mumma J's Homemade Soap

What started out as a hobby has turned into my passion. 

My soaps are made using the Cold Process method, from start to Process takes 4 to 6 for the soaps to cure.

Mumma J’s also stock and hand make a deliciously, nourishing range of Lip Balms

Marble Surface

With our range of products on offer we know you will love what you find here

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Botanical Chemist


Botanical Chemist

At Botanical Chemist, everything is rooted in our belief that Nature holds the key to our healing. Our gift packs have been designed to share the love and range of our products. A special gift that is perfect for anyone.