Welcome to Online MarketSpace

Do you have a small business of Australian made products? Are you wanting to grow with a group that will support you and help you along your journey? 

We love nothing more than hearing about our vendors success stories once they have started with us. We cant wait to start hearing about yours too!

Their are so many platforms out there so why go with Online MarketSpace? 

The passion we have in helping our vendors is already showing in our growing list of vendors success. 

Our packages have been designed to accommodate every stage of business. So don't stress if you are just starting out, we are here and ready to guide you through your way. 

We have no hidden fees. What you pay for in your package is it! We take no commission from your sales, the only fee that is payed is the fee from the payment gateway at checkout. We use PayPal and Stripe as we believe they are the lowest fees for our vendors.

You will get full access to our members page where we offer classes and tips to help you keep yourself moving forward and not getting bogged down and overwhelmed by the noise of Social Media. 

We look after loading all of your products, so no need to worry about learning something else. We will send you through the steps you need to get on board and what we require in regards to photos and information for your products. 

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Our Vision 

Online MarketSpace has a vision to help each and every market stall holder get their products online, so the whole of Australia can enjoy the same love of the product as the holder. 

Our site will be clean & stylish. It will give the shopper an experience they will want to come back to. Customers will be able to fill their cart from as many vendors as they desire with 1 checkout and 1 postage fee. 

Your logo will be displayed on our stylish homepage that will be linked to your products. 

Our marketing team has over 10 years experience helping small businesses grow and reach their full potential. They know all about what works for each industry and how to reach your target market with a low cost to the business. 


Our vision is to have all States within Australia up and running by Christmas 2020, to let Australian consumers shop in one place, support their local market stall holders and do all their shopping at once. 


We love nothing more than seeing our clients succeed. It's what drives us every day to work hard so you can reach your goals. 



We are here to work with you, in your business.


When you build your business the right way, you create a reliable predictable income. 

Australia is on a journey at the moment. A path of supporting the community and country around them. We love this so much as it fits with exactly what we are about.


Supporting and growing small businesses. 

We have experience and we understand what works for each demographic in marketing. Our aim is to drive traffic and awareness to your product, to achieve real results and supports the growth of your business. 

Would you like to learn more? 

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