Hot Chilli Mama was born

On a farm based in Deans Marsh in the foothills of the Otway Ranges, a mother had an epiphany; she did not love her professional job of 34 years, her children did not like their paper round jobs, she wanted more for herself and for her family so the time had come to try something a bit different…Hot Chilli Mama was born!

Hot Chilli Mama is a small family business that was created as a way for Sue (Hot Chilli Mama) to combine her love of chilli with a desire to help her two children learn the value of work and money. Starting in 2017, Sue and family carved off a section of their existing small beef farm and created a dedicated chilli patch. They made a commitment to look after their land, to never take more than it can give, to grow everything organically and to use recycled materials where possible. This means that their chillis are grown in rich, healthy soil that is free from synthetic fertilisers and insecticides.

All of the chillis used in Hot Chilli Mama products are grown by the family, on the farm and guaranteed no additives, colours or artificial preservatives. They grow their own chillis to guarantee only the freshest and finest quality chillis go into their products…and what a range of products they have! Their range includes sauces, jams, oils, pickles, chutneys, salts and even confectionery. Their sauces have also been winning awards, with one Gold and three Silver medals awarded at the 2019 Australian Food Awards. There is something for everyone from Hot Chilli Mama.

Not only do they grow their own chillies, the Hot Chilli Family also create their own recipes, make the products and bottle them at home. It is a one stop shop that guarantees chillis of the highest quality and products that are made with passion and a dedication to balancing heat and flavour. Buying their products is supporting our local producers.

Hot Chilli Mama repeatedly states that it is all about the chillis! Let her introduce you to a variety of chilli products that will have your mouth watering, your taste buds tingling, your heart pumping and your body feeling good!

Jen XX


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