Presenting Pure Asense

In today’s climate, customers want local, they want Australian owned, they want connection…this is where Pure Asense comes in. Pure Asense owner, Kamie, always wanted to own her own business but she needed one that she could not only connect with but that would also enable her to connect to customers as well. She wanted a business with a sense of purpose. When she discovered Pure Asense she knew she had found what she was looking for.

As a single mum working as a probation and parole officer, Kamie began suffering anxiety. This worsened when her then 4 year old daughter broke her femur and due to the trauma of the experience also suffered anxiety. Kamie needed to find a way to help the both of them. This is when she delved into the beautiful, natural, healing world of essential oils. Kamie found that when anxiety started to creep in, she would inhale certain essential oils and that would offer immediate relief for both herself and her daughter. She wanted to share this experience and help others so decided to embark on her journey with Pure Asense.

There were already numerous essential oil companies in the Australian market so Kamie needed to come up with something that would set Pure Asense apart. She knew the Pure Asense perfumes and blends that had been developed in Australia were special and that customers would love them, but what could she offer that was different? Kamie began creating jewellery using lava and gem stones. The lava stones absorb oil and diffuse it all day while the gem stones also have healing qualities. Creating this jewellery was not only therapeutic for Kamie but provided a way for her customers to enjoy the benefits of essential oils all day long. She had found her way to break into the essential oil market that she loved and that had helped her so much.

What Kamie loves most about this business is talking to customers and hearing their stories of how her products have helped them. Helped with sleep, helped with dreaming, helped with relieving anxiety and a range of other conditions. Hearing these stories and connecting with people is why Kamie does what she does. It gives her a sense of purpose, just as her oils, her jewellery and her business have a sense of purpose. Pure Asense perfumes are designed to enable you to feel the way you want to feel so why not try some for yourself today!


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