This beautiful Rosewood and Lava Stone Essential Oil Car Diffuser absorbs your essential oils into the rosewood and lava stone. This is an eco-friendly and safe way to diffuse your Essential Oils in the car without the risk of the oils leaking onto your interior. 

Wild & Free Essential Oil Blended included. Wild & Free is a beautiful exotic blend that can uplift the mood and fill you with a sense of adventure.

How to use: Simply drop 2-5 drops your the Pure Asense Wild & Free Essential Oil Blend (included) onto the natural Rosewood. The oil will seep into the lava stones inside the diffuser. Then sumply clip on your car air-conditioning vent.

Material: Rosewood, Lava stone, Stainless Steel clip with rubber tubing.

Lava Stone & Rosewood Car Diffuser (Oil included)


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