The Wound Healing ointment is our Number 1 bestseller. It's made using a non-paraben, ointment base which is occlusive and soothing to dry, sore and inflamed skin such as mild eczema and dermatitis, minor cuts and grazes, and can also be used on blisters and cold sores to help enhance skin healing and regeneration. Contains no alcohol, or preservatives, so does not sting the skin.


ACTIVES: Propolis, Manuka Oil & Calendula Oil.


Propolis has flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory and terpenoids which are antioxidant and antimicrobial. The various immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of propolis accelerates wound healing. This has worked for humans as well as animals.


Manuka oil has been tested to be active against various microorganisms. It has exceptional healing, calming, and skin regeneration properties, with a high level of anti-oxidants that protect the skin against UV radiation by preventing free-radical damage.



Apply daily or twice a day to affected area. We also make an organic Skin Radiance Lotion which works well together with this ointment for everyday use if you have dry, itchy or inflamed skin. This ointment works safely on humans as well as animals (so far the ointment has been used on dogs and horses with the same great results). 



Propylene (penetration enhancer) and purified Mineral Oil. Free from Parabens, Triclosan, Palm Oil. Please read the Frequently Asked Section if you have more questions.


ALLERGIES: This product contains bee-product and pollen. Always do a test patch first. Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs. Bee venom is different from bee saliva so people with anaphylaxis to bee stings may be fine with using propolis. Do not use if allergic to pollen. Use the Manuka Healing Balm with Lavender and Wild Thyme Oil instead.


Contains Calendula so people with allergic reactions to the daisy family should not use this product. Use the Manuka Healing Balm with Lavender and Wild Thyme Oil instead.


** Please consult a Health Professional if your symptoms have not improved.

Wound Healing Ointment


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