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Ingredients: Saponified olive, rice & coconut oils, rainwater, Himalayan salt & Pink clay

This is a very unusual soap to say the least and beautiful on the skin. 

It is a creamy soap, non drying and with the added pink clay is very gentle on the skin.

Pink clay is one of the most gentle clays and often used in face masks etc

The salt is soft against the skin and NOT Drying as we may all think.  Love this soap! 

Due to the salt content it is not as bubbly as my other soaps...but is still great to use.

I have eczema & psoriasis and found that only handmade soaps could bring relief to my sensitive skin. I started making my own soaps which I have now perfected. My soaps contain mild, skin moisturising oils that feel great on my sensitive skin.

 Weight: 110-120gms

 Everybody’s skin is different, so please test on a small patch of skin and discontinue use if a reaction occurs.