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Marshmallow - IMPERIAL ESSENCE 100 ML X2

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Sweet, Feminine and Musky: marshmallow is a sweet fragrance that will certainly delight your inner child!

About Scent Garden Imperial Essence sola reeds diffusers

Scent Garden Imperial Essence Sola Reeds Diffusers continuously release fragrance into your chosen space. The fragrance is diffused through the petals of hand-made sola flowers that come to life with colour as the oil is drawn up the cotton wick. Or, if you prefer, use the diffuser reeds for a simple, clean look – both are included so the choice is yours. Sola flowers are handmade and crafted from natural materials and refill oils are available to replenish the reusable glass bottle. The modern elegance floral design and ease-of-access packaging is the best decorative and versatile gift to treat yourself and your special someone!

Our reed diffusers are made in Australia with carefully blended high-quality fragrance oils and pure essential oils in a wide variety of delicious scents.


100 ml + 100 ml diffuser refill

Bottle Dimension- 8.55L x 9.34H x 3.4W cm

Sola flowers are handmade and crafted from natural materials with cotton wicks

100% vegetable natural dye

Made in Australia from locally sourced essential oils

Also Available:


Diffuser Refills

Instructions for Use:

Simply remove the screw top and place your reeds inside the jar. Position on a flat surface out of reach of children or pets and away from a risk of being knocked over.

Turn your reeds around weekly for an extra burst of fragrance (being careful not to spill on your furniture) or use less reeds for a more subtle room fragrance.

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