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Natural Vegan Deodorant - Vanilla 40g

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Vanilla scented deodorant formulated with coconut oil, bran oil and candellia wax. This natural, zero waste deodorant not only keeps your pits fresh, it has a gentle fresh vanilla scent.

Our natural deodorants are tested on humans, not animals.

Our range of  plastic free deodorants are packaged in eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, reusable and recyclable wax lined, paperboard push-up tubes.

Made in Australia

Using the Cardboard Push Up Tube:

To use the cardboard packaged deodorant, push the base of the balm up with your thumb and roll on to armpits. If you are in a cool environment and your deodorant is a little hard, hold under the armpit for half a minute to warm the deodorant.

It’s recommended that you apply the natural deodorant after showering when your body is warm.