Organic Cotton Soap Saver

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Natural Organic Cotton Soap Saver with drawstring, the perfect addition to your plastic free bathroom.

Place your soap bar inside the organic cotton pouch to aid in preserving the bar. Simply hang the soap by the drawstring to allow to dry between uses. Adding the bar to your soap pouch also allows you to use the pouch as a gentle exfoliation for the entire body, stimulating the skin and removing any dry skin cells.

The cotton soap saver can also be used to collect small pieces of soap, giving additional life to your soap bars.

Daily use of the soap saver with your favourite bar of soap is a luxurious way to exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Once your soap saver has reached its end of life it can be added to your home compost — a great zero waste product for your bathroom.

The Organic Cotton Soap Saver is tightly woven and measures: 14mm x 95mm and includes a drawstring.