Palm Cove Breeze Solid Shampoo Bar

Palm Cove Breeze Solid Shampoo Bar

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Make Zero Waste living a breeze with EORTH's Solid Shampoo Bar formulated for fine to normal hair types. The clean sandy beaches, lined with palm trees at Palm Cove were the inspiration for our Palm Cove Breeze Zero Waste Shampoo Bar. This shampoo bar contains coconut oil to assist with hair growth. Breathe in the sweet scents of cinnamon and orange.

100% Palm Oil Free & Vegan friendly.If you're seeking a zero waste, vegan, and palm oil free shampoo bar — then this is the perfect shampoo bar for you!

Handmade in Queensland. 

Getting the longest life out of your zero waste shampoo bar:

To ensure you get the most out of your natural shampoo bar it's best to let it dry out between uses. Where possible do not leave your shampoo bar in an area where water is constantly running over the bar, as this will decrease its lifespan.

For best results allow your shampoo bar to stand upright, this will maximise the drying area. Don't want to take the full shampoo bar with you when travelling? Cut the desired amount off your shampoo bar and add to your plastic free travel kit.

When your shampoo bar starts to get down to the final stages, add the bar to another shampoo bar. The shampoo bar can also be used to wash the rest of the body or hands.

How do I use a Zero Waste Shampoo Bar?

It may seem a little strange to use a solid shampoo bars at first, but once you've used them a few times you'll realise they're quite easy to use. The key to a successful wash to is lather! You may not want to rub the bar directly on your hair, but rather build up the lather in your hand and apply the lathered soap to your hair.

Start with wet hair, rub the bar between your hands to build up a lather and apply to your hair. Just like you would with a liquid shampoo or conditioner, gently massage the lather into your hair. Once you've completed the cleaning stage it's time to rinse, rinse, rinse.

What are the benefits of using a Zero Waste Shampoo?

We are so conditioned to applying shampoo and conditioner to our hair by pouring the liquid out of a plastic bottle, that the thought of using a solid shampoo bar to wash our hair with seems very foreign.

We all know now that plastic is polluting our environment, and although many plastics can be recycled they can't be recycled an infinite number of times, making plastic an unsustainable product. When using a solid shampoo bar you'll be reducing waste in your bathroom. EORTH's Shampoo Bars are packaged in cardboard which can be recycled, or simply added to your compost!

A solid shampoo bar is also the perfect two-in-one soap bar for men. Solid shampoo bars are great for beards, keeping them soft and clean!

Shampoo Bars are also great for travelling. Taking your solid shampoo bar on the plane? No problem! As it's not a liquid you'll have no problem getting your solid shampoo bar through airport security!