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Pine Tar Shampoo Bar - Online MarketSpace

Pine Tar Shampoo Bar

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Pine tar has been shown to be anti‐inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal. These properties make pine tar suitable for those with skin sensitivities such as eczema, psoriasis and other dry, itchy, flaky or inflamed skin conditions. Scented with lavander essential oil.
When beginning to use Shampoo Soap Bars, hair will be going through a transition period, which can take up to 3 months, of adjusting to the new chemical free and natural product. During this transitioning period it is important to NOT GIVE UP!! Remember that everyone is different and this adjustment period will vary from person to person. In all honesty, Your hair will absolutely love our shampoo soaps and once you make the change, you will not go back to using a store bought shampoo ever again!
Approx. 130g
All soaps are handmade, variations of weight and look are unavoidable.
All our products are delicately handmade and suitable for use for most of people. If any allergy, irritation or sensitiveness occurs, please do not continue to use.
To ensure soaps last as long as possible it’s recommended to use a face washer or loofah and avoid leaving soaps in water to dissolve. 

Avoid contact with eyes, if contact with eyes occurs rinse thoroughly with clean water.
After use, Let soap sit in a well drained soap holder.