Rhodonite and Jasper Set - Online MarketSpace
Rhodonite and Jasper Set - Online MarketSpace
Rhodonite and Jasper Set - Online MarketSpace

Rhodonite and Jasper Set

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Rhodonite and Jasper Set

This Rhodonite and Jasper Copper Set is a necklace and earring match that will bring joy to any occasion. Both earrings and the pendant feature a jasper bead. The pendant has an additional feature of the Rhodonite beads. They have a unique style and the carefree person will see these as a perfect addition to their accessory collection.

Rhodonite is a crystal of compassion that can clear, stimulate and activate the heart. It is one of the strongest heart chakra crystals. It can assist in relationships with others as well as the one you have with yourself.

Jasper is also a relationship crystal. It can draw like minded people together forging trustworthy relationships. It is a calming crystal and aids in strength and self discipline.

These 2 crystals combined have great vibrations in powering relationships with others and self.

This is a beautiful and very unique set. It would be a beautiful gift for someone looking for love or for 7th Anniversary, the copper anniversary, to forge that relationship that already exists. If your looking for the right gift its just a click away.


The earrings have a 3.5cm dangle and are 1.75cm in width. I set these on Nickel Free Brass wires.

The pendant is 5cm in length and 3.25cm in width. I have set this on a 23cm faux leather cord with a copper hook closure. It is a short length to give the pendant pride place on the chest.

Care Instructions:

Made from pure copper with an antique finish, these pieces will tend to tarnish over time. To prevent premature tarnish, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, do not wear these in water, because this will cause tarnish to happen much sooner. Secondly, do not wear with fresh lotion or perfume, because this will also cause premature tarnish. When tarnish does occur, a quick wipe with a polish cloth and the shine will return.

To ensure that these pieces remain like new, avoid wearing to bed or placing in handbags unprotected.

All purchases come with a customer care card and a sample polish cloth.